"The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes"

(Training Plan Only)


This option is for those seeking a more self-guided option. The training plan will be based on information I gather from forms and questionnaire that you fill out. Everyone's results will vary, which is why I do weekly emails and check-ins. Check-Ins include weight and photos, photos are confidential between you and I and are used for me to track your progress and make the necessary adjustments to your program. This package also includes additional requests from the client, (seeing that it is in reason).


Forms include:

-your goals

-your current physique & desired physique

-your health information.

-the time & equipment you have available to train.

-your personal workout preferences (whether that means, plyometrics, circuit-style training, weight training, cardio-based workouts, etc!). 

Note: Once I receive back your completed questionnaire, it may take up to 7 days to receive your plan but is often a lot sooner!






No Payment split options available for this package.

4-6 Week Individualized

Training Plan