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Cookie cutter VS Individualized plan

July 22, 2017

Nowadays there seems to be an overload of fitness programs that are, what I like to call “one size fits all.” You know, the cookie cutter ones where everyone has the same workout routine despite their size, shape, fitness abilities and health conditions. And to top things off the plans are usually created by Instagram stars who have no knowledge or education in Fitness Training or Nutrition. Don't get me wrong some of their advice may be accurate but to have competed in a fitness show does not give you the proper knowledge or right to take someone's money and potentially put them at risk.


Programs created in a copy and paste sort of way are great for getting people excited and moving more, but the problem with this type of workout is that we’re not all the same. So why would we think that a cookie cutter routine would provide everyone the same results? It won’t. And that’s why your friend gets amazing results from that fad diet or workout plan but you're stuck not making progress. It’s not that you didn't give it your all, but because the program just wasn’t right for you and unfortunately this is what discourages people from sticking with an exercise program.


What's a better solution? Individualized Training Programs. For those who have struggled in the past to see results, these types of programs are for you. Programs tailored to you, as an individual will take into consideration things like age, fitness level, health history, past injuries, physical limitations, nutritional habits, body fat, training history and specific goals. They also include a range of motion, flexibility and stability evaluations.

By taking all this information into account, a trained fitness professional can create a program based specifically on your needs. This is incredibly important because now you have a specific plan with easy-to-follow steps to keep you on track. You’ll also have a reference point for monthly

re-evaluations so you can measure progress and be able to pinpoint problems if there are any setbacks.So, if you’ve been working out for a while and feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, maybe now is a good time to consider a different approach.


My advice is to find a qualified professional, like myself, who has been trained and can offer to perform a complete fitness assessment. You could also check at your near by gym and ask if they offer to perform a complete fitness assessment. Certifications I have received are:

•   National Academy of Sports Medicine  (NASM)- CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

•    Behavior Change  (NASM)

•    Weight loss (NASM)

•    Fitness Nutrition (NASM)

•    Group Personal Training (NASM)

 •   Corrective Exercise  (NASM)

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