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You won't know what HIIT you.

August 26, 2017





If you know me or have read in my previous blogs then you know I used to think that long strenuous cardio was the answer to any fat loss concern. Now I feel more educated and definitely see the great benefits of cardio but my views have changed. Sadly most clients that seek my help express feeling lost and overworked from doing long strenuous cardio. In the end, they were left feeling overworked, overwhelmed and defeated. Today I  will do for you what I've done for them and explain my favorite form of cardio and  the benefits of HIIT.


Let me start off by explaining what HIIT training is. HIIT is short for High-Intensity Interval Training, the easiest way for me to explain is if I break it down into two halves. The first half is High Intensity, this means that you go fast and give it all you've got for a specific amount of time. For example, if you're doing push-ups you will do as many and as fast as you can (with good form of course) for the allotted amount of time. 


The second function is Interval training, that means you will alternate between giving it all you've got, followed by coming to a rest and then repeat.  This type of training cause alternating heart rate and because of the varying intensity, you can burn just as much (and sometimes more) calories than with typical cardio. 

Workout for 60 mins or just 15 mins?



Not only is HIIT short and effective but it increases your metabolism and burns more fat/calories than a lot of other forms of conventional exercise. One of the biggest reasons I gave it a try was due to the  "after-burn" effect. The "after-burn" effect increases the production of growth hormones and calories burned in the hours AFTER your workouts, that means you'll be burning calories much longer than your workout length. I understand that HIIT isn't for everyone and if traditional cardio is what you enjoy, then I say go for it, just stick to it. 

Here is a sample HIIT workout, go ahead give it a try and let me know how you feel. 


Things you will need:

- Water

-Timer (or analog clock will work)

** I apologize  about the  lighting I did demo from my home gym, also known as my garage (LOL) And my son Aaron who pops in (YOUTUBE fanatic). Lastly I apologize about the music, it stopped before the time but I had to finish :).


Timer setting:

Beginner: 20-seconds of work, 40-second rest.

Intermediate: 30-second work, 30-second rest.

Advanced: 40-second work, 20-second rest.



Start with a warm up, it should last for approximately 5-10 minutes 


HIIT workout: 


1.) Jumping Jacks:30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds 


2.) Plank with side rotation:30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds 


3.) Jog in place while moving arms up and down:30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds


4.) Squat and twist:30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds 


5.) Bird Dog:30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds  (did some side to side stretches)


6.) Reverse Lunge and forward kick (right leg):30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds 


7.)Superwoman Burpees: 30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds 


8.)Reverse Lunge and forward kick (Left leg):30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds 


9.) Plank In and outs with push up: 30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds 


10.) Frog jump forward, heels click, From jump backward, heels click, Modification shown if jumping is not an option for you. 30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds




**VERY IMPORTANT to end with a cool down!!! Cool down should also be approximately 5-10 minutes long.

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