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October 6, 2017

September 20, 2017

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What's My Vibe?

October 6, 2017

I sit here staring at my keyboard, listening to my Indi Music Essentials playlist and wondered what I should write about. Then it hit me! I’ve always been all about spreading good vibes and on how positive vibes helps build a positive life. I strongly believe that each of us is responsible for the way we react to things and the energy (vibe) we bring on others. I refuse to spend time with people who are always bringing me down or make me feel a yucky not so awesome vibe. And every night as our family says good night I make sure to ask my husband and kids three things they are grateful for.



I know life isn’t full of unicorns and rainbows (Oh, I wish it was!) and I

 know bad vibes happen. Although I don’t like to pass them on to others, I welcome the bad vibes and understand they have a purpose. Yes, I know its hard to believe but bad vibes actually help us and are an inevitable part of life. Ignoring the bad vibes could mean you are good at avoiding and numbing your feelings.




I’m not naive and even though I try and live by “good vibes only” I'll be the first to admit that, 


Sometimes I get angry.


Sometimes I get overwhelmed.


Sometimes I need to scream.


Sometimes I judge myself to harshly.


Sometimes I let people cause me more harm than I should before I push them out.


Sometimes I feel like I’m failing.


Sometimes I feel like I’m a total mess.


I feel bad vibes from time to time, and as hard as it is to believe, I understand that those bad vibes are a chance for me to learn and to grow as a person, as a woman, mother, wife, sister, family member, friend or even as a personal trainer.  In the middle of the bad vibes, I  process my emotions to find clearness in the madness and begin to feel peace. It's easier to write it, I know, and it does take time to learn to feel the emotion and be able to process it and learn from it.  


One of my most used hashtags is #AlwaysHappy, I use it regardless of what vibe I’m on. See what I've learned that for me to be happy doesn’t mean I’m just feeling good vibes. On the contrary,  I've learned that the bad vibe is there to test me, expand me, and lead me down a path of being a better person.



I could have easily sat here and told you something like “I live by good vibes ONLY!” and shared some pins from Pinterest that tells you how we are all supposed to live positive lives all the time regardless of what life has just hit you with. Instead, I want to be as transparent as I can with you, I understand that someone out there is scrolling through their social media news feed and wondering why that person is always smiling and has their life all figured out while they don’t. In 2015 when my Grandpa passed away I felt pain in my heart, pain that hurt so bad I didn’t know how I would live after that. I took some time but I let the pain run its course. During that time I learned a big lesson and that is that it was my responsibility to be a mess without fully giving into the heartbreak.


Pretending to be happy all the time sounds exhausting, and although I

  haven’t (and don’t plan on starting) taken any selfies in the middle of a bad vibe I can if you all want me too (LOL! Please don't!). 


I know I am allowed to be sad.


 I am allowed to feel rage.


I am allowed to feel heartbreak and pain that makes you feel like you are literally breaking apart.  


But I also know 


I am allowed to be happy.


I am allowed to feel loved


I am allowed to feel proud. 


I am allowed to feel confident, appreciated and all the other emotions our Lord has given me the privilege to feel. I invite you to let all the feelings flow through you and you will find yourself stronger, more resilient and you will feel vibes on a soaring level.

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