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Overcoming the Resistance

October 22, 2017







Confession: Sometimes I skip a workout!




I love lifting weights, getting sweaty, pushing to the limit, checking the “I worked out” box for the day just like any other #fitMom or #fitChick LOL. But there are days when life happens and let's be real, sometimes the gym is the last thing on your mind.


We have all been there, it’s not that we have completely given up or that we woke up that morning and said 

“today is the day, that I will NOT workout!”. Sometimes that feeling could be a message your body is telling you. 


On days when I feel something's off I like to think about whats going in my life. 


Do I need rest?


Do I need to recover?



Or do I need to reduce intensity in my exercise?


But there is another “R” that could be the problem…RESISTANCE. Resistance is the thing that in your head that will tell you anything to keep you from doing your work or in the case of our lifestyle, its exercise.


I know you’ve seen the memes “Excuses don’t burn calories!” or “NO Excuses!” (amongst a million others) on your Instagram news feed. And after a long day at work, kids, sports, stressful meetings, quotas you have to meet, bills, pets  (and the list can go on and on) those memes leave you feeling worst for needing a break. I believe there are blah excuses and there are also valid excuses that we need to keep in mind in order to reach our goals. We just need to be able to know and understand what “R” word we are feeling at the moment. 


The point of this blog isn’t to give you excuses but instead to give you the tools to help you beat the resistance or AKA Get your butt to workout!

So let's get on it.






This is the oldest yet most reliable tool. All you have to do is ask other people to hold you accountable. You can join a group or simply ask your friends and co-workers to help.  I have different groups that I run and every day we make sure we talk about our workout or talk about why we missed it. This helps us understand the reason behind why we missed the workout and ways we can help each other in case we have the same situation. 


The reason why this is a successful tool is: if you say you’re going to do something and other people are counting on you to do it, you’re more likely to actually do it. Yes, I run the groups, but running them actually helps me also. I know I'm the beam holding people from falling off the wagon so it's extremely important I don’t give in to resistance but also that I am honest if I do.




Path of LEAST Resistance



This tool is pretty simple when you feel the resistance starting to creep up on you, do your best to limit the resistance. For example, if you have

 trouble getting to the gym in the evening then instead of going home, bring your gym bag and go straight to the gym. Another tip I personally use (don't judge me!) is I sleep in gym clothes and when I wake up I'm ready to go. Yes, its weird but I like to keep it real even if it means making a full of myself lol!


Also, consider starting an at-home workout program like Beach Body on Demand, you can check the latest programs by clicking here https://mysite.coach.teambeachbody.com/?coachId=1444883&locale=en_US  and going to shop. This way you have a variety of options and if one day you are in a time crunch you can find a program to that is that specific amount of time, YEAH BABY!!



Minimum Effort Dose



If you are like me then you were bred to think that workouts need to long strenuous and leave you feeling like you died or else you didn’t try hard enough. I still remember calling my friend Nora and telling her I had a hard time using my bike as cardio because I wasn’t really sweaty but was on for


1-2 hours at a time. Yes, even though we were on FaceTime she looked at me with a very disappointed look LOL!  But workouts don’t have to be long and make you feel like your suffering. 


Minimum effort dose just means small and short and that you actually enjoy. So instead of suffering for an hour, do something that you like and leaves you feeling positive. Why? well because with any habit you’re trying to commit to, consistency is more important than perfection. If we set ourselves up for something we don’t enjoy chances are we're going to quit. So don’t do that to yourself!



Reframe Your Reasons



Last but not least the one tool that has helped me the most. I, at one point was an obsessive dieter and exerciser. If I didn’t workout I was miserable and I swear I could feel myself gaining weight (silly but such a mind cringing feeling). And even after I figured out how to fix all those feelings and emotions I still struggled with comparing myself to others in their performance. Id sit there feeling like a failure because I couldn't squat 300 pounds!




Now I understand that unless I'm competing (and even then, to an extent) it is unnecessary for me to be comparing myself to others. I understand now that fitness isn’t a punishment and I, no matter how thin, will never have my friend's tiny waist or my idol on Instagram’s year-round abs. Instead, I focus on my self-care and honor all that is me and the body I was given to rock this world. 


I take out all the “Should” and “Must” out and focus on what I enjoy and what truly makes me happy. One thing that really makes me happy is working out with my family so I focus on workouts we all enjoy together. Fitness, as it turns out, doesn’t have to be so serious. It instead can be something that fills our lives with meaning and joy, and that alone can help you overcome the resistance.



Below are pictures from the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event  in Tucson, AZ on October 22, 2017. Part of the workouts we enjoy doing together as a family.









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